1. Mass Confusion

From the recording A Dark Place

Mass Confusion written by Tracy Marie Greenberg and Jeff Rohde copyright 2021, Arranged by Tracy Marie, Produced by Jim Wirt, Tony Kazel on Drums, Ed Stephens on Bass, Nick Ammons on Guitar, Tracy Marie on Vocals and Guitar


Mass Confusion lyrics copyright 2021 Tracy Marie Greenberg and Jeff Rohde
I never see you. I don't believe you. I can't expel you. I can repel you. Your rejection is my objection. It keeps me going; the river flowing. I fly.
I can't control, you rip. I cannot sow, you sip. The drink within the cup that I am in, What's up?
I have no obligation whatsoever man. Erased now from my mind, this party's come to an end. Spit and spatted at the time, was nothing new to you. I (it) won't carry on too long. I've gotten through to you (rid of you)