From the recording A Dark Place

Parental Advisory Lyrics, Produced by Jim Wirt, Written by Tracy Marie, Tony Kazel on Drums, Ed Stephens on Bass, Nick Ammons on Guitar,Copyright 2021 Tracy Marie Greenberg


A Dark place Lyrics copyright 2021 Tracy Marie Greenberg. I'm in a dark place. What can I say? It's such a dark place. i'm in a bad way. i've had the blues, but this isn't the same. What I am now is a much deeper shade. i'm in a dark place.
Shit goes on, and I get through. When it's this fucked up what can a girl do? I've been down, and I've been blue. This time it's much deeper by a shade or two. I'm in a dark place.
I've been there and back once or twice. i guess it's all just in a roll of the dice. Sometimes it's bad, and seldom it's nice. I don't want to hear no more of your advice. I'm in a dark place.