Breastfest Cleveland 2023 on October 22nd will be at Brother's Lounge

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Breastfest Cleveland 2023

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Brothers Lounge, 11609 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Breastfest Cleveland in it's 23rd year produced by Tracy Marie and FEATURING: Sisters in Song, Afi Scruggs, Susan Wojnar, Medusa, 80's Ladies, Angelle Sheridan & The Jets, Molly Keane of Cassoulet, Bassah, Sara Keane of Don't Call me Dora, Ngina Fayola, Queen Bees, Tracy Marie and we will be kicking off the event with the drum vibes of Primal Rhythm! Our master of ceremonies is the incomparable Charlie Wiener!

Proceeds will help breast cancer patients and families through the support and services of The Gathering Place.

Primal Rhythm 2:00-2:20 Sisters In Song 2:30-2:50 Susan Wojnar 3:00-3:20 Tracy Marie 3:30-3:50 Afi Scruggs 4:00-4:20 Ngina Fayola 4:30-4:50 Sarah Keane 5:00-5:20 Kate Hart (one song) 5:30-5:35 Molly Keane 5:40-6:00 80's Ladies 6:15-6:35 Angelle Sheridan 6:45-7:05 The Queen Bees 7:15-7:35 Medusa 7:45-8:05 Bassah 8:15-8:35

Breastfest Cleveland 2022

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Brothers Lounge, 11609 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Breastfest Cleveland is back at Brother's Lounge this October 16th 2022... We will be fundraising for the JD Breast Cancer Foundation that provides assistance to those affected by breast cancer.. a $20 suggested donation can be made at the door.

For this event, Emcee/Master of Ceremonies and Professional Charmer, Charlie Wiener will introduce the local Artists and Musicians who share their talents to raise money for breast cancer patients and families in northeast Ohio...Charlie Wiener emcee


Primal Rhythm

Clare Feorene

Liz Bullock

Meg Stepka

QS Jazz


Headlands Beach Experience

Kelly Wright

Alexis Antes with Anita Keys

Becky Boyd with Chris Hanna

Bob Frank

Taylor Lamborn

Amanda Nyx

Daniella Calabrese (art and music)

Afi Scruggs

48 Hour Virtual Music Fest

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Facebook Live

Meghan Stepka will host her monthly 48 hour virtual music fest where 48 artist will be performing one hour sets of music, dance, art and more. Each artist goes live every hour on the hour for 48 hours straight!

KJ and Becky Boyd


Cleveland Blues sweetheart, Becky Boyd and Kristine Jackson perform together for this very special 20th anniversary Breast Fest Cleveland broadcast! These two have been part of the Breast Fest Cleveland from the very beginning. We are honored and grateful.

Charlie Wiener Presents


Charlie Wiener will present a mosaic of recorded performances for Breastfest 2020 featuring the best of Cleveland Singer Songwriters to include Alex Bevan, Jim Ballard, Jim Gill, Cary Mathews, Tracy Marie, Anne E. DeChant, Alexis Antes, Rebecca Wohlever, Matt Harmon, Eva Dilcue, Anita Keys and Ryann Anderson, GS Harper, Cathy Towns Grady, Eve n' Stephen, Evie Morris, Zach Freidhof, Meghan Hayes, Angie Haze

Primal Rhythm

Facebook Live

We will extend the rhythm and vibe into longer drum pieces to simulate a drum circle so that the listener has the opportunity to drum along. So get your drums, shakers, and rattles ready to ride the wave of energy.

Primal Rhythm was created by Sue Balaschak with Michelle Clark on Dun Duns and Dawn Fritz Heartsong on percussion and introducing Sarah Ann on Djembe