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October 3, 2008
Breastfest 8 a Success
by Lauren Kirk

For eight years running, the event Breastfest has raised awareness, donations, and support for patients and survivors of breast cancer in Northeast Ohio. Musicians and volunteers have come together in the past at various venues such as The Beachland Ballroom, The Hi-Fi Concert Club, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the Happy Dog, and the Parkview Niteclub for the very worthy cause. This year, Breastfest 8 found a home at the revamped Brothers Lounge on Detroit Rd. in Cleveland.

The musical lineup, composed of amazing Northeast Ohio female artists, reached across all genres of music to include pop, rock, folk, jazz, and blues. Kristine Jackson, Ki Allen, Heidi Longhauer, Robin Stone, Alexis Antes, Claudia Schieve, Becky Boyd, Tracie Marie, Cherylann Hawk, Brittany Davidson, and Jackie Warren are just a few of the artists who participated. Breastfest was founded by vocalist/songwriter Tracey Marie who is from Cleveland. The event had raised thousands of dollars over the past eight years.

The money raised has helped patients and their families through various organizations, like the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Centerís Barbara A Leslie Fund, the Cleveland Clinic Breast Center, and the Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition fund. For the 2008ís benefit, all proceeds will be donated locally to Good Intentions Foundation. The amount of dedication, time, energy, and support that is put into Breastfest is much to be admired. Look for the success of this event to be continued, thanks to the valiant efforts of the volunteers, artists, and founder